Ethical Investing

Europa Point Investment Corporation Limited (EPIC) is an ethical investment firm with a strong ethical investment philosophy. This philosophy is based on EPIC’s underlying principles that look to factor in Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) considerations in the screening of all investment opportunities.

EPIC are strong supporters of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals programme. Our management will ensure that we are consistently working towards such programmes. Our primary focus will be on



Improving industry, innovation, infrastructure
Sustainable cities and communities, and
The obliteration of poverty





As an ethical investment firm, EPIC will avoid investing in industries which derive their income from the sale or development of what could be deemed as unethical products and practices.

EPICs Ethical investment principles are:
  • Striving for medium to long-term investment returns, and that environmental, social and governance matters are considered throughout the life of an investment.
  • As significant ESG risks vary between asset classes, regions, sectors, and companies, we adapt our approach and strategy to what is appropriate for the investment.
  • We will manage the governance and operational practices of all our investment projects.
  • We recognise our duty to champion responsible investing.
  • As responsible investing continues to evolve, we will look to integrate an ESG focus into our investment opportunities.

EPIC will strive to adhere to the above principles at all times.