Complaints Handling Procedure



  1. Introduction

EPIC has strict guidelines in place on how to deal with and record complaints from existing and former customers in line with the regulator´s guidance to provide a prompt and fair handling of the complaints made against the firm.

Customer complaints are dealt with by the Complaints Team within the Compliance Department who manage the firm’s complaints procedure. This policy explains each step of the procedure so that customers complaining can understand how to raise a complaint, who will deal with it and how long the process will take.

  1. Raising a Complaint

Anyone, including those authorised to deal with a complaint on     someone’s behalf, directly affected by the way we have carried out our functions can raise a complaint against us.

The complainant should raise their complaint with their regular contact within the firm. If they feel that it is not appropriate, or have no such point of contact, they should contact the Complaints Team at Contact details can also be found on our website.

A complaint may  be raised verbally or in writing (electronic or handwritten and delivered). To ensure that we can conduct a full investigation we invite the complainant to provide as much detail as possible.

  1. Complaint process

A complaint is defined as any expression of dissatisfaction about the way we have carried out, or failed to carry out, our role and includes, but is not limited to, an allegation of:

  • A mistake, omission, or misrepresentation
  • An unreasonable delay
  • Unprofessional behaviour

Once EPIC has received a complaint, it will be investigated in line with the Complaints Handling and Investigation Policy.


The complaint will be entered onto the Complaints Register and the complainant will receive an acknowledgement within five working days of receipt of making the complaint.

28 Days Letter

If the investigation is not completed within 28 days, we will write to you to inform you of the progress of the investigation. We may ask you to confirm some facts or provide us with additional information.

Final Response Letter

We will aim to ensure that we complete the investigation of a complaint within eight weeks and will issue a final response letter with the outcome of our investigation. The letter will inform the complainant whether the allegations have been upheld or rejected and whether any monetary compensation has been awarded.

Ultimately, all complaints are taken extremely seriously and will be presented to the CEO for consideration and deciding on any additional action or steps in the process.

Extensions to the 8 weeks timeline

If we have not managed to complete the investigation into allegations within 8 weeks, EPIC will write to the complainant to advise the cause of the delay and when the investigation might be complete.  

Appealing against the outcome

EPIC considers the complaint closed once our Final Response Letter has been issued. 

  1. Timeframe

The complainant is required to raise the complaint within 12 months of the date on which the complainant first became aware of the circumstances of the complaint. If the complaint was raised after this time, the complainant will only be considered if the complainant can show a good reason for the delay.

  1. Records

The firm will keep complaint records for 5 years following the receipt of the claim.

  1. Charges

The firm will not charge for the investigation of a complaint.